A sophisticated, erudite man is Michael Mandy. Perhaps you two should debate the merits of the printed word against that of the visual image. You could point to my film NIGHTMARE IN BLOOD and say, "Now there is sophistication and erudition. Do something about that, Michael." I am but a pawn in the scheme of life. Hoping that those who grew up on CREATURE FEATURES and other shows of its kind will discover it isn't all over yet. As Elvira just told me, "John you have written a great book, but you will never keep abreast of me. Or on me." Hm, do you think Elvira is sophisticated and erudite too? - John Stanley, host -CREATURE FEATURES, KTVU -2, Oakland (1979-1984)

"They are the Siskel & Ebert of Horror Movies" - David Manning - The Ridgefield Press

"Michael Mandy is a serious movie reviewer. Jeff "Rowdy J" Kehr is an entertainer. Putting them together makes for some seriously entertaining reviews. I listen every Friday!" - M. Goldstein, Richmond, VA

"Rowdy J, you are a RIOT! Not only are you funny as hell, but you know your stuff! Cheers!" - K. Arejola, San Diego

"Kehr & Mandy make Siskel & Ebert look like Bert & Ernie! Talk about holding NOTHING back!" - N. Lewis - Sacramento

"Intelligent, brash, and non-relenting. The Horror Debate is in-your-face horror film reviews by two of the best I've heard yet!" - D. Martin - Tampa, FL

You guys have fun doing what you do, and that's what makes this thing work. Your debates are never boring, that's for sure! You're doing a fantastic job! - D. Jacobs - Salt Lake City, UT

Jeff Kehr and Mike Mandy deliver some tasty ear candy that will make you laugh and cry yet will fill your brain with incredible movie knowledge. If you love horror like me then this is the place to be! - E. Ramer - Concord, CA

I love the debates. I dont even care about the outcome most of the time because they're f***ing funny. Jeff should be doing standup somewhere. And Mike bounces s**t off him and it just works. I about died during the Suspyria debate. I had f****ng soda up my nose. Thats f****ng Rowdy J doing what he does best. I swear to God this s**t should be on the radio or tv or something. You wouldnt even have to talk about horror just talk about everyday s**t and make it funny. People pay for that s**t. Better than listening to Adam Corolla or that f****ng idiot Stern.
- posted from an online Bulliten Board by "DigiGod10" on 11/10/10
I've listened to quite a few more reviews and Ill tell you right now you guys have it. If someone with some power actually listened to your show you'd probably get a paying gig doing this sort of thing. Everyone else Ive heard that does something similar sucks in that they take themselves too seriously and are straight up boring at times. You guys never get boring. Mike knows his s**t - even old school stuff and Jeff just makes the thing work by not only knowing his s**t but by being so funny and so upbeat that its fun to listen to. When you guys argue I get a huge kick out of that.
You' re the Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of horror. lol I think Jeff is Gene. He has the tongue for it.

- posted from an online Bulliten Board by "DigiGod10" on 10/12/10

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