Michael Mandy:

    Mike grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1970's. His favorite television show was on Channel 2 - KTVU's "Creature Features" with host Bob Wilkins. Naturally, his second favorite was Saturday Afternoon's "Chiller Diller" movies which featured mostly black & white horror films and Hammer movies. At about ten years old he started making movies with a his parents' Super-8mm Home Movie camera, usually starring himself, his friends, and houses ready for demolition. Because of his analytical way of looking at horror movies as creations of special effects featuring the creativity of people like Tom Savini, his parents allowed him go see all sorts of films other parents probably would have objected to.

    Would YOU drive your 12-year-old son to see "Friday the 13th" all by himself ? I didn't think so..... (PS - thanks, mom)

    Michael went to college at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles to further his studies about movies and cinema. After many jobs at Radio Stations, a Record company, and a Recording studio, Michael's life has led him away from the production side of films, but has always been an avid movie enthusiast and DVD collector. His wife and two children all agree that he needs Therapy.

    Currently, he is in the middle of reading "Crystal Lake Memories - The Complete History of Friday the 13th" by by Peter M. Bracke and Sean S. Cunningham.

    Mike's Favorites:
    Favorite Slasher film: Halloween - the original (1978)

    Favorite Haunted House / Ghost film:
    Legend of Hell House (1973) or The Haunting (1963)

    Favorite Zombie film:Dawn of the Dead (1979)

    Favorite - "other": The Fog (1980) - or maybe Re-Animator (1985)

    Favorite Horror Actor/Actress -Vincent Price


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Jeff "Rowdy J" Kehr

    Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeff’s love of horror movies began at a very young age, as his mother was hugely into the genre and rented or bought just about everything that hit the market during the late 70’s to early-mid 80’s. While her tastes eventually changed, Jeff saw the horror movie genre as the place where some of the most exciting and original material was being released, and saw it as a mostly misunderstood and a generally buried (pun intended) art form. He soon realized that there were very few outlets, print or otherwise, that gave this art-form the space that he felt it deserved.

    Being a teenager in the 80’s was the perfect opportunity for Jeff to experience the full breadth of what the genre had to offer, with the marketplace seemingly flooded with all sorts of horror films, some good, some bad, but all with a certain creativity and flair that was undeniable.

    Majoring in Journalism in College, Jeff began to combine his love for movies, rock n roll, and writing and started doing reviews for the school newspaper to great reviews from both his colleagues and peers. Creating this web-site with Michael Mandy is an opportunity for Jeff to “re-open the floodgates” and create a monument to the films that he has enjoyed all of his life.

    Jeff still resides in the Bay Area with his wife, Danielle and four children – Matthew, Jayson, Zackary, and Anna Marie.
    Jeff doesn't have any patience for books.

    Jeff's Favorites:
    Favorite Slasher film: Halloween - (1978)

    Favorite Haunted House / Ghost film:
    Stir Of Echoes (1999) or An American Haunting (2005)

    Favorite Zombie film: 28 Days Later (2002)

    Favorite - "other": The Fog (The Original - 1980 )

    Favorite Horror Actor/Actress - Kane Hodder

    Rowdy J

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